Hungry and Mad

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? ? Hair:     DOUX – Victor hairstyle Skin:      STRAY DOG GUILHERME @Madpea International Food Fair Tattoo: .Identity. Body Shop – Rosco’s Legitness @BODYFY EVENT

Is bae yet to come?

ON ME: Hair: Sintiklia&Chain – Paige RARE @The Chapter Four Bangs: Sintiklia&Chain – July ULTRARARE @The Chapter Four Sweater: N-Uno – Ashley @The Chapter Four Shorts: N-Uno – Ashley @The Chapter Four Mittens: N-Uno – Ashley @The Chapter Four Sneaks: random.Matter – Tzuyu @The Chapter Four SCENERY: Backdrop: Bad Unicorn – Hype Beast Pizzas: Bad…

Dearly Beloved

ON ME: Hair: DOUX – Roshamboo @Fetish Fair Eyes: ARISE – Rana 3 @The Chapter Four Hat: Mulloy – Belter Necklace: Cae – Darling @FaMESHed Bracelet: Cae – Darling @FaMESHed Outfit: Zenith @FaMESHed Puppy: Black Bantam – My Old Doggy Gacha @The Chapter Four Platforms&Socks: Pure Poison – Sia @C88


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lock&tuft – jin @ COSMOPOLITAN – Cold Ash– Mens MESH WADE Leather Jacket @TMD -NOeditiON- Unissex Sneakers @TMD ..SABOTAGE..– Unisex “Supreem” Duffle Bags @TMD

Let her go

ON ME: Hair: Beusy – Triplesick #1 (Frontwards) @K9 Septum: Helios – Adela @K9 Glasses: ZOOM – Wlou @FaMESHed Necklace: MINIMAL – Cthun @FaMESHed eCig: BUENO @K9 Clutch: BUENO @K9 Jacket: villena @K9 Jeans: KITJA – Karina @K9 Duckboots: REIGNxFLITE @N21 DECOR: Backdrop: Bad Unicorn – Hype-Beast [6]

Hit it or quit it

ON ME: Hair: little bones – Olympia Septum: Helios – Adela @K9 Pipe: kunst – Ashton @K9 Ripped Shirt: VALE KOER @Uber Watch: e.marie @K9 Heels: VALE KOER @N21 DECOR: Building: Bad Unicorn @TMD Sofa: Bad Unicorn @TMD Table: Bad Unicorn @TMD Neon: Floorplan @K9

Now we are free…

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     Skin: STRAY DOG – ANDREAS Skin CATWA – @ FETISH FAIR Nose and mouth blood:  IDTTY Faces – Chaos Marks Scratches: IDTTY Faces – Wild Marks @ FETISH FAIR 


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Beauty in the world

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Stray Dog – TYLER Skin CATWA- HERE /Ascend/ Kaii Waist Tied Jacket @TMD. MGmen’s_Pants_Sven Kauna – Monk Strap Shoes @FaMESHed

Mom’s little baby

ON ME: Hair: DOUX – Melissa Glasses: BUENO @K9 Crop Top: VALE KOER @K9 Baby: Black Bantam @K9 Bag: Black Bantam @K9 Pants: Pumpkin @K9 Shoes: VALE KOER – Playoff Dunks